Losing Weight is Better Together

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This superfun and totally free app challenges your friend and family - near or far - to join you in your weight-loss journey.

Leverage the power of dieting with others

Research shows that those who partner with committed dieters lose twice as much as those who do it solo.

Lose 5% of your weight in a month

or more – if you’re inspired

Define the winning prize

What about a day at the spa?

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Walk 10000 steps in a day

10,000 steps is about 5 miles worth of walking!

Exchange tips with your diet buddies

The journey is easier together

Download our free app and start your group challenge

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Empower your Friends to Take Charge of their Health... Together!

Psychologists and dietitians support the team effort as an effective tool for weight-loss

On track
From counting steps to burning calories and keeping hydrated, track your daily progress

Motivational and Inspiring
When your friends are in, they make sure they’re accountable for all the process

No in-app purchases
The app is free for you and your friends. No in -app purchases, ads or strings attached.